Fire Pit Ideas and Examples

Fire Pit Ideas and Examples

Adding a fire feature to your outdoor living space brings the warmth you need to enjoy a mug of hot cocoa on a cool evening, and will be sure to bring your family a fun and entertaining outdoor space for the rest of the year as well.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when planning an outdoor fire pit:

One of the first decisions to be made is whether you prefer natural gas or a wood burning fire pit.

Wood burning fire pits provide excellent aesthetics, aided by that distinct smell of a real fire. You’re going to have to stock firewood though, and insure your fire is properly extinguished before you call it a night. Wood burning fire pits need to be cleaned periodically as well. Wood burning fire pits also experience greater temperatures than gas fire pits, so it is important to build a wood burning fire pit that can withstand the higher heat. Wood burning fire pits may also be subject to local bans.

Natural gas fire pits introduce fire to the landscape in a cleaner, more convenient manner. They don’t require the same level of cleaning as their wood burning counterparts, and there is no need to stock fire wood. They are easy to light, and turn off instantly. They do typically carry a higher cost compared to a wood burning fire place, as they require the installation of a gas line. We can also install a gas fire pit on properties that utilize propane rather than natural gas for the home’s utility needs.

Every fire pit we build is truly a custom, one of a kind project. We can build a fire pit with just about any finish you can image.

We often build fire pits out of natural stone that is sourced from Colorado. Another popular option is to use a manufactured stone veneer that either matches or compliments the home. Other possibilities include stucco, brick, manufactured wall blocks, or even metal fire pits.

Size and shape can be determined by your preference as well.

We can design and build fire pits in a wide range of sizes. A fire pit can be a welcome feature in a smaller, cozy outdoor setting, or it can be a large focal point - sure to be a popular gathering space while entertaining. The shape of the fire pit can also designed to complement the landscape. While a circular fire pit is quite common, if a larger fire pit is desired we often go for an oval shape, so we are creating more usable space without expanding the size in all directions. We can also create a square or rectangular fire pit to compliment a landscape that is using straight lines and angles for more of a contemporary feel.

An outdoor fire place is another option for adding fire into the landscape.

An outdoor fireplace is sure to serve as a striking focal point in any outdoor living area. Just like a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace can be designed and built to fit your exact wants and style.

A fire feature requires a great deal of thought and planning.

Talking to one our designers is a great first step for incorporating a fire pit or fireplace into your landscape. We can help you to decide the best fit for your style and outdoor space.

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