Innovative Design/Build Process

Our innovative process allows us to create custom environments to fit the clients' site and lifestyle needs. Once a plan is in place our team is prepared to build or renovate landscapes of any scope. Our projects range from as small and intimate as a patio to projects as large as multi-family dwellings throughout the Colorado Springs area. Below you'll find all the steps to get from your ideas today to your completed dream project.

The Initial Consultation

The initial design consultation is one of the most important visits. It is our chance to get to meet you and observe your unique site conditions. Our landscape designer will visit your site; take time to get to know your sense of style, likes and dislikes, and your landscape goals.

Design Agreement

After the initial consultation, we will present you a design agreement that includes an estimated design and consultation cost. Once you've approved the design agreement, the fun begins!

Site Survey and Preliminary Design

Our team will once again visit your site for a thorough site analysis. After that, a designer gets to work taking all the ideas, visions, and creative juices and putting them on to paper in a professionally drawn landscape design.  This preliminary plan creatively solves the design challenges and opportunities for your project. Your plan shows the locations of proposed new features to include decks, patios, walkways, water features, fire pits, fire places, planting beds, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, and more.

Design review

After we've prepared the preliminary plan, we'll schedule an online plan review. We'll walk you through the landscape plan, and can look at photos and concepts, plant types, and materials to help nail down all the fine details. After the review, you'll have time to further consider the design. After you've made final decisions, we'll draw up the revised plan.

Cost Information

Once we have an approved plan in place, we will get to work on pricing what it will cost to install. We'll break down the pricing by work areas, so you'll be able to see right where the costs of the total plan are going. If the pricing for your landscape is out of reach, we can then look at for cost saving alternatives, reductions, and project phasing to help get your project to fit your budget.

Contract and Scheduling

Once we've got the approved plan and pricing in place, we'll provide a proposal. Once signed, we can lock you into our construction schedule.   

Landscape Construction

This is the stage of the process where all of the landscape design work transforms into planning and execution. Our landscape construction crews are trained and experienced in all phases of landscape and outdoor living installation, and we communicate the process with you during the time we are installing your new outdoor environment. Your project will be installed by a dedicated crew, with an experienced foreman on site. With our design and construction experience we are able to make adjustments and changes as needed, to ensure the final product is a perfect fit for you.

Walkthrough and Warranty

At project close, you'll have a final walkthrough to make sure everything is just right. We'll also walk you through the operations of any features installed and provide advice on care and upkeep, and will provide helpful videos and information as well. We'll be out the following year to perform a warranty check any plant material, no scheduling needed, and if anything else arises we are just a phone call away. 

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