Garden Design Ideas for the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region

When planning your landscape, hardscaped areas like a patio typically get the greatest focus. After all, you’re hoping to spend a good deal of time enjoying it. People often picture their turf area as well, eager to ensure it’s going to be the right size for the kids to enjoy. In a well thought out landscape, none of these elements are fully independent of the others, and they should all work together to complement each other. While all elements are important, it’s the garden beds and plantings that are really what’s going to bring your landscape to life and give it a vibrant burst of color.

Plant for the future (and the present).

This landscape uses trees to provide screening and privacy.

An old proverb states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” It’s never too late to plan for the future. While it might take some time, a tree planted today will provide a welcome shady spot down the road. By carefully considering the proper placement of trees, we can make sure that shady spot ends up where you’d like it. We can also use trees and shrubs for screening to create a buffer from a noisy road, or create some privacy for you in your home or landscape. Knowing how large your plantings are going to get, and if they are self-propagators that are going to spread will allow you to plan your garden with the future in mind. Working with a professional landscape designer can greatly aid this process, and ensure that 20 years down the road, you won’t be saying the best spot to plant a tree was 20 feet further from the house.

Bring some color and life to your patio.

Raised planter beds and container plantings add color and life to this beautiful courtyard.

Hardscaping is a wonderful way to create an area your family is sure to enjoy. We can create hardscapes from flagstone, pavers, or colored concrete. All these options provide color and interest, but nothing brings an outdoor living area together like plantings. There are a number of ways we can bring plants into a hardscaped area. We can also create soft borders around hardscapes using plantings. Building up raised beds around a patio provides an excellent planting space that puts all your plants on display. Using attractive plant pots to create splashes of color is another way to bring some life to any patio.

Make a space to enjoy your garden.

 This garden includes a garden path and small sitting area that are sure to get you out into your landscape.

A patio doesn’t have to be a grand area for entertaining. By incorporating a small patio space for a bench or a little bistro set away from the home, in the heart of your garden, you’re creating a peaceful place you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or unwind after a long day. Meandering garden pathways are another nice feature to help you get out into your garden.

Add elements to complement your garden.

This rustic landscape features a large decorative boulder and cobble dry creek bed that accent the planting areas beautifully.

There are a number of elements you can add to any landscape that provide a welcome companion to planting beds. Natural boulders are an excellent accent to any landscape. Adding a water feature, large or small, to any landscape provides a tranquil touch that adds to the plants around it. Bird baths and outdoor art also complement planting beds beautifully. Outdoor lighting is another element that can add to your garden. We can provide path lights that let you enjoy your garden after the sun goes down, and we can spot light trees which washes them with light and gives a beautiful, warm presence.

Plant for your location.

(Photo caption) This shady side yard is colorful and vibrant thanks to a selection of plants that are sure to thrive with little sun exposure.

It’s important to know the obstacles your landscape will face. Sun exposure and soil moisture are very important when designing any garden space. There are plants that do well across the spectrum, but if you aren’t getting the right plant for the right conditions, it’s never going to thrive. If deer are a common visitor to your yard, as they are in many Colorado Springs neighborhoods, you’ll want to be sure you’re selecting plants they won’t be interested in.

Create a vegetable or herb garden.

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, and like to eat fresh and organic food, then adding a vegetable or herb garden to your landscape might be the perfect way to get you outdoors. We can design and install raised beds to take some strain off your back. We can also incorporate protection to help keep the pesky deer and rabbits out of the area. Having a well-designed irrigation system helps to keep your garden growing as well.

There are many elements that go into planning your dream garden, and we can help.

Talking to one of our designers is a great first step for getting your garden design started. We can help you to put together a garden space you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

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