Landscape Design Trends for the Colorado Springs Region

Landscaping trends for the coming year are all about getting outdoors and enjoying your landscape, and the Front Range’s sunny and pleasant climate is very accommodating to spending time outside throughout most of the year. Read on to find the hottest 2020 landscape trends.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor patio with fireplace, container plants, dining area, and stone sitting wall.
This outdoor living space features a large patio with built in seating and a magnificent wood burning outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor living isn’t new, but it continues to surge in popularity, and with good reason. Finding a way to bring indoor comfort to your yard creates a paradise you’re eager to escape to. Some of the most popular features include courtyards, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, and fireplaces. The goal behind creating your outdoor living space is to make a space that takes the place of your kitchen or living room, allowing you to enjoy your routine outdoors during a pleasant Colorado evening. Outdoor living adds a huge functional element to any landscape.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance landscape design for a luxury home in Colorado Springs, CO.
This landscape doesn’t sacrifice anything in the name of low maintenance. Utilizing artificial turf, native grass seed, and well-suited plantings, this large landscape offers lots of opportunities for enjoyment, and is about as low maintenance as it gets.

Gone are the days of spending hours to ensure your perfectly manicured lawn outdoes your neighbor’s. While people are looking to spend more time in their landscape, they aren’t looking to spend that time working on them. There are a number of ways to create a low maintenance landscape. By selecting the right plantings, keeping lawn layouts to a minimal size and convenient layout, or considering even lower maintenance turf blends or artificial turf, you can create a beautiful backyard oasis that offers more time for relaxing.


These colorful plantings are well suited to the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region, requiring little water and care.
Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring. These colorful plantings are well suited to the Pikes Peak region, requiring little water and care.

Sustainability is also at the forefront of many people’s minds when considering a landscape. Colorado Springs and the Front Range are considered a semi-arid climate, and water usage concerns are increasingly present. There are a number of ways you can ensure your landscape looks great and is still sustainable, first of which is making sure your irrigation system is well designed. There is also a great deal of new technology being introduced to help with water conservation, including smart timers, weather sensors, and other smart features. An expert can help you sort through the good and bad of these new features, and make sure they are properly implemented. Sustainability also goes beyond your sprinkler system; selecting the right plantings is a key to sustainability. The right plantings will be well suited to the local climate and precipitation, and they will also support the local fauna and pollinators without becoming lunch for the local deer herd.


Container gardening is a great way to grow herbs and vegetables in just about any outdoor space.
Container gardening is a great way to grow herbs and vegetables in just about any outdoor space.

Gardening is back in the spotlight. Whether you’re the ultimate foodie who wants to be sure they always have a variety of fresh herbs on hand, or just want to know where your food is coming from and what’s going into it, gardening is a fun and rewarding use of your landscape area. You can make a garden that is ready to plant, with automated irrigation installed, ready to get your hands dirty at your convenience. If space is tight in your outdoor area, container gardening and vertical gardening are clever ways to make the most of your space. Whether you’re looking to grow vegetables, herbs, or fruit trees, a landscape designer can make sure you’re starting with plants that are going to grow well, and help you make the most of your space.

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