Landscaping Trends For 2022 - New Ideas To Improve Your Home

Landscaping Trends 2022

The last couple of years have changed our lives in many ways. With Covid shutdowns, quarantines, and remote work, people spent more time at home than ever before. These changes to the typical American lifestyle are the biggest driver we are seeing for our Landscaping trends for 2022; we’ve noticed they’ve changed the way people want to interact with their landscape. People are needing their landscapes to do more for them. Read on to see what this year’s biggest new trends are.

Vegetable and Herb Garden

A Dedicated Irrigated Gardening Space

Shutdowns and restrictions limited opportunities for dining out. This left foodies without their typical fixes, and many found a new passion in preparing their own meals. Quality cooking requires quality ingredients, and we’ve seen an uptick in people asking for vegetable and herb garden spaces. Gardening is a great hobby all on its own, and there is a growing appreciation in knowing where your food comes from. Gardening makes for a great hobby in its own right. Setting up a dedicated irrigated gardening space ensures you can enjoy gardening whenever the mood strikes.

Landscaping trends for 2022 - Open Space
This natural gas fire pit and paver patio offer ample space for socializing - Landscaping trends for 2022

Social Garden

Expanded Outdoor Social Space For Friends & Family

Many folks found it hard to fulfill their social needs in light of the many obstacles presented and turned to their landscapes, which allowed for an intimate, safe, and reliable locale to see friends and family. Many of our customers have come to us with an increased focus on creating social space within their landscapes. Social spaces vary from person to person. Some are looking for a spacious patio to entertain, a fire pit to gather around, or an outdoor kitchen space with seating for everyone to gather around. Others focus more on providing a space for play and activity, bocce ball courts, horseshoe pits, or just a space to set up for cornhole have become oft-requested items.

Landscaping trends 2022 - Social Garden
This built-in hot tub is a perfect space to seek out some serenity. - Landscaping Trends 2022

Finding Your Serenity

Landscaping Design To Promote Work-Life Balance

Most people need a place to recharge and refresh, and many found that a hard balance to achieve when working from home. Just a quiet spot in the landscape to enjoy a view and coffee can go a long way. In new neighborhoods without established trees, people often feel a little exposed in their yard. A little selective screening can give a sense of privacy and peace. Playsets for keeping kids busy and hot tubs also serve to give you a place to enjoy your outdoor space.

2022 Landscape trends - Serenity
Outdoor entertaining with all the amenities. Landscaping Trends in 2022

In short, the biggest trend we are seeing this year is a larger reliance on your landscape to serve as part of your living space and to pick up some of the opportunities we did without over the last couple of years. If you need a better space for entertaining, a space for your hobbies and activities, or a quiet peaceful spot to relax, your landscape could be doing more for you. We can help! Get in touch with one of our designers today and stay up to date with the Landscaping trends for 2022.

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