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Monument Outdoor Living Extension
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One common challenge we encounter in landscape design and construction is extension of the outdoor living area after initial home construction. Concrete colors vary from batch to batch, and mixing different paving surfaces can make a patio extension look like an obvious addition.

On this project, the builder had provided a stamped colored concrete patio under the covered part of the home only. Our clients enjoyed time with family, entertaining, grilling, and soaking in a hot tub. So, while the original space under cover was adequate for some gathering, it could not accommodate their outdoor living needs.

Besides the challenge of an aesthetic transition, we also had to consider drainage for the patio. The original patio sloped away from the house, but the grade from that point went uphill instead of continuing downhill. For aesthetic and function, we chose to vary the concrete finish while still using the same base color. This avoided making a stamped extension obvious due to different batches and aging. To solve the drainage and grade issue, we continued the slope away from the house, built a seat wall to adjust back to natural grade, and installed a series of channel drains to capture water and move it to a lower point.

The natural gas fireplace provided a focal point and a magnet for drawing people out of the house for gathering. The simple but functional grill area provided adequate cooking space, along with the clients smoker.

Another challenge was to make the hot tub look like an integral part of the landscape construction. We created a concrete “bathtub” with another drain recessed below the patio. This covered the skirting of the spa and allowed comfortable access to the spa. Integrated wall lighting finished the function and aesthetic of the extended outdoor living space.

During the process, we provided driveway extensions and walkways throughout the property. Once the landscape construction was complete, we created useable lawn spaces, attractive plantings, and re-vegetated the property. Thanks also to the meticulous care and personalities of the homeowners, the property is beautiful, warm, and inviting. We truly enjoyed working with this family to create this unique space. If we can be of service with your design challenge, please feel free to contact us.

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