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Located in Rockrimmon, this property was in need of major renovation and updating. A series of phases had left the landscaping around the home disjointed. The retaining was a combination of brick wall matching the homes exterior and railroad tie retaining walls. The patio spaces were a combination of concrete and brick pavers, and the spaces lacked a sense of connection and flow. All of these elements were in varying stages of deterioration. Junipers planted around the patio areas had well overgrown the space, closing out the patio space from the rest of the yard. Still, this large property had many positive attributes. Mature scrub, ponderosa pines, and well-established native grass gave this site a secluded forest feeling. Our clients needed help creating patio and outdoor living space that complemented their home’s exterior and transitioned into the beautiful and natural established landscape.

After clearing out the old, we set to work implementing the design. Rotten ties and brick retaining were replaced with a Menzer boulder retaining walls. The natural red and rust tones of the boulders complement the brick colors. The colored concrete also fits into the project’s color palette nicely. The two patio spaces now had connectivity via a newly created walk and the home’s sunroom. We were able to salvage some brick to build the natural gas firepit, which makes it look like it was built right alongside the home years ago. We selected ornamental grasses, shrubs, and perennials to provide life and color that will be the right size for the space.

The final product is an outdoor living area that provides enhanced function, fits in with both the home’s style and surrounding landscape, and isn’t isolated from its beautiful surroundings. If your landscape needs an update, we’d love to help! Please get in touch with us today!

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