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Patio and Pergola In Woodmoor
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The wooded area of Monument created a wonderful setting to create outdoor living space for our existing client. Years before, we created the framework for the landscaping, and recently we were able to design and create their personalized patio space.

The rectangular fire pit provides a beautiful focal point from the inside of the home, drawing the eye and the household out to enjoy the warmth of the space. Our clients also enjoy cooking and entertaining. We were able to incorporate their existing gas grill and furniture in to the design in its own outdoor “room.” By varying the height of the pergola, we were able to create different spaces and enhance the open view from their home. The pergola also serves to add some shade and screening.

The stone masonry on the patio, columns, and seating wall adds more warmth and interest to the project. The entire patio construction project provides a natural extension of the living space of the home. Please feel free to contact us if we can help with the design and construction of your outdoor living space.

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