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Located in the Cathedral Pines neighborhood in Black Forest, this home site was surrounded by mature Ponderosa Pines. Our clients had just completed their new build and came to Accent Landscapes for help with their new home landscape design and installation. They were looking for many of the elements of a standard landscape, but also wanted to be sure that it fit into their idyllic surroundings.

The home architecture featured a unique entry, and we focused on highlighting that as part of this project. A wide paver walk ties into the brickwork of the curved entry. Framed on both sides with large aspen, small lawn areas, beds with decorative boulders, and colorful plantings, the landscape draws the eye to the entrance by design.

The transition from the finished landscape to the natural surrounding landscape was important as well. Native seed was sown in all around the project. In the backyard, a traditional blue grass lawn provides an area the family can play and enjoy. It then transitions seamlessly to the native grass. Along with tying this landscape into the surroundings, native seeding has the added advantage of needing little water and maintenance. A stone stepper path weaves between the finished landscape and native, giving continuity and flow between the more formal and rustic elements. We also planted a variety of spruce, maple, and aspen throughout the native zone which proved wonderful additions to the native pines. The mixture of conifers and deciduous trees provide various colors and interest all year.

If we can help design a landscape that’s a perfect fit for your unique home and site, please get in touch with us. Thank you!

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